Leckie Waterhouse


An executive Project Manager with far reaching experience and expertise, Leckie’s breadth of experience across International markets, Private and Public Sector combined with his exemplary technical skills and calm and focused demeanour have given Leckie an enviable track record and reputation in the industry. Leckie prides himself on his methodical hands-on approach to Project Management and establishing clear processes and systems for his teams to follow. His experience in recent years has seen him leading teams in  the successful delivery of Business Parks (distribution and logistics warehousing), office developments, mixed use projects, urban infrastructure, education projects, data centers, and leisure and retail schemes. He is a widely regarded as a trusted solid and dependable pair of hands and highly qualified to manage the most complex of projects. In his free time, he can often be found working on construction projects of his own and hiking the hills of Banbury with his family.

His experience is not only from the UK but also extensively in Malta and this has given him a much broader experience and appreciation for different approaches when culture and tradition are otherwise dictating development strategy.

He is comfortable dealing at all levels of project organisation, and prefers a hands on approach and the establishment of clear process and systems to manage schemes.