Science & Research

The life sciences sector growth is closely linked to global health care spend which, in the coming years, will be driven by increasing demand from an ageing population and the burgeoning prevalence of chronic and communicable diseases.

Science and research projects are motivated (at least in part) from a desire to support and showcase a diverse range of expertise and to assist (startup) companies specializing in biological and chemical research collaborate and develop commercial opportunities and key partnerships.

The Life Sciences sector, usually thought of as all sciences related to organisms within human beings, animals, and plants, encompasses businesses and organisations in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical technology, along with those with an agricultural, botanical, environmental and veterinary focus.

Globally, Life Sciences is worth an estimated $1.6trillion per annum, with wide ranging business activities including research, development, manufacturing, and the provision of specialist support services. Real estate facilities then provide a commercially driven resource for the sector.

The Insight International team has been involved and remain involved in a number of science and research related projects. The Millennium Seedbank for The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew was funded by The Wellcome Trust, recognizing the part to be played by plants in the future of medicine.

Similarly it is no accident that the location of the Malta Bio-science Park with its incubator building was chosen adjacent to the Mater Dei Hospital – reflecting the strong ties between bio-science and advancing med-technologies.

The Life Sciences sector is a highly competitive and rapidly growing market place and companies within it face tough barriers to entry and increasing global complexity. Driving and sustaining clinical innovation remains the challenge as stiff competition and patent cliffs continue to jeopardize revenue and threaten innovation. The Sector is having to respond to an evolving marketplace, characterized by economic uncertainty, cost and pricing pressures, increased demand for innovation and value, greater focus on consumer engagement, and an ever-changing regulatory and risk environment. Insight International is currently working on the delivery of a major Medicare City to create an environment where the Best of UK expertise can base and show-case themselves, incubate start-ups for the benefit of mankind.