Project Management

Business accepts the definition of Project Management as “the overall planning, control and co-ordination of a project from inception to completion, aimed at meeting a client’s objectives on time, within budget and to the required quality standards”.  We however consider Project Management to be defined rather more simply as “Project Management is People Management”

We believe project management only succeeds when the team is committed, motivated and focused, and it is this constructive, collaborative style that has delivered countless projects on time, to specification and to budget.

“A racehorse that can run a mile a few seconds faster is worth twice as much. That little extra proves to be the greatest value.”

John Hess

To build a committed team, we aim to create close relationships not only with our Clients or Partners, but with everyone involved in the project. In this way, even in this notoriously confrontational field of endeavour, our management style is positive, non-adversarial and strongly results-orientated.

We achieve the best results for our clients when we are involved from the outset; at the concept stage, advice on the fundamentals can make a real difference to the value Clients / Partners derive from their capital investments. A Brief ia a collaborative effort, not something to be developed by the Client alone and handed to the team.

We believe that our clients should always retain control of their projects, and make ourselves fully accountable to them. Our role is to shoulder the burden of the many thousands of processes involved in the design, programming, cost control, construction and commissioning of projects that will meet the Clients’ objectives.

And only when we offer our Clients fully operational, fully-tested buildings that meet their requirements, do we regard our task as complete.

Our management approach is focused around the principles of teamwork and effective communication. Above all, it is a hands-on, honest, people-orientated approach. We are proactive, forward thinking and strong in management. At the heart of this is motivation and building teamwork, goodwill and enthusiasm with real people on our projects. By using our experience, we are able to take full responsibility for the project’s success.

We work with Landowners, Investors and other Developers to enhance their Real Estate asset’s value. If you need a partner to deliver your project, please contact us.