Development & Development Management

Our approach to Development Management is very straightforward, seeking to avoid unnecessary complications while also liaising and communicating clearly and concisely with all stakeholders, to keep them on-board and aligned to the overall aims of the development.

We deliver new or refurbished buildings that work for their end-users / occupiers, be they residents or business organisations. Place-making is often at the heart of such developments, being the future fabric of our communities and supporting the synergistic uses that provide for modern day consumer needs within one location cutting down the need to commute and maximising efficiency and innovation of interior and exterior space.

We do this either as a minority partner or as a trusted development manager working with other developers or investors, but we always do it with partners.

We manage and deliver developments on time, on budget and to the required quality and to the targeted investment and / or occupational objectives, adopting a pro-active approach to the management of risk, optimising returns while mitigating risk exposure.

We manage the whole development process from start to finish, beginning with site identification, feasibility and purchase through to design and construction / delivery, to handover and beneficial occupation and ongoing asset management.

Our management approach is focused around the principles of teamwork and effective communication.  Above all, it is a hands-on, honest, people-orientated approach. We are proactive, forward thinking and strong in management.  At the heart of this is motivation and building teamwork, goodwill and enthusiasm with real people on our projects.  By using our experience, we are able to take full responsibility for the project’s success.

We work with Landowners, Investors and other Developers to enhance their Real Estate asset’s value. If you need a partner to deliver your project, please contact us.