Our People

Insight International is grounded in the combined knowledge & expertise of its team; Established by industry leading professionals, enterprising and intellectually curious; our people are your best asset.

From its inception, Insight International was founded to be a premier development management consultancy for the built environment, and we achieve this through our people. We attract, develop, and retain the finest available in the industry, but we don’t rest there. Through a collaborative and mutually supportive environment we foster and nurture their intellectual curiosity and ambitions, always looking for better ways to support them to enable our Clients to achieve their ambitions.

We attract, develop and retain the best talent for our business to form a high-performance team. The most important asset of a business is its people and our business is no exception. Our work demands the commitment of perceptive, versatile and personable individuals because our Clients deserve nothing less. To get the best from our team, we provide the conditions under which they will flourish – a supportive environment, the right equipment and tools and effective leadership.

Our team can be characterised by integrity and an adherence to the highest ethical standards. Our development and project managers are chosen not just for their management skills but for their personal qualities. We ask them to combine clear leadership with a caring management style and an intuitive belief that each project and assignment must be a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Through our Leadership; Insight brings together a wealth of experience, energy, and innovation to Clients who seek better ways of delivering projects large or small. Transparency, integrity, and accountability are key to corporate governance and all our directors are not only deeply involved in Clients’ commissions, but also hold responsibility for internal business functions

Good people with appropriate technology can solve problems quickly and present information clearly. It enables them and others to work effectively on our Clients’ behalf and to realise their full potential.