Philip Thomas


Philip is an Internationally experienced Development Director, with roots in Commercial Management. He most recently led a Multi-National Commercial and Project Management company to sustained growth in China and Hong Kong during volatile and uncertain years of 2013-2017.

Philip is a ‘hands-on’ pro-active leader with a highly strategic, collaborative and pragmatic mindset. He has an in-depth understanding and extensive experience of International Project Management and Development Management helping several key clients in these capacities in the delivery of their projects overseas.

Experienced across all major sectors, he has carved out an international reputation for being a dynamic, driven and reliable professional. With an intuitive ability to quickly understand a Client’s goals and aspirations, identify potential risks before they materialize and bridge the gap between International and Local practice, he has a proven track record of creating innovative solutions to meet the Client’s needs, delivering on his promises and exceeding expectations. Philip places great value on building a rapport and creating trust and confidence amongst team members and with Clients.

As a Chartered Surveyor, he also prides himself on a dedication to the pursuit of service excellence, having been a keen proponent of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in the UK and a prominent advisor to the RICS on the RICS Asia Pacific training programmes with a focus on how to extract best value and the highest service standards.
Outside of work Philip can often be found on the sidelines of a game of Rugby, Sailing in the English Channel, practicing his Spanish speaking, reading up on cultures around the world, planning his next trip overseas, educating himself on Wines, and indulging in various roasts of Coffee!