Mombasa Cruise Ship Terminal

Client: Kenya Ports Authority
Project Value: Confidential
Location: Mombasa, Kenya

Leadership of the multidisciplinary team, including Consolsia and Planning Systems of Nairobi, and won an international management and design competition to carry out the US$8million cruise ship terminal at Mombasa for the Kenya Ports Authority.

The concept revolved around the renovation of the current sheds to make them aesthetic and functionally appropriate to serve as the cruise terminal centre. It was also proposed to convert the adjacent Sheds 1 and 2 to create ample and efficient parking for the high traffic levels which are expected when the complex became effective. Provision was also made for requisite facilities such as offices for customs, immigration and cruise operators, restaurants and souvenir shops.

The sail-shaped roof features were innovative ‘wind scoops’ to ‘tunnel’ the breeze into the buildings and thus provide passive ventilation, cutting down on expensive air conditioning costs.

The concept proposed the reintroduction of a steam train terminal near the site of the first railway station in East Africa and the romantic and nostalgic stream train safaris to Tsavo National Park, famous for the ‘Man Eater’ Lions.